Importance of Aptitudes Testing in Students

Importance of Aptitudes Testing in Students

Identifying your pattern of natural abilities – APTITUDES will help choose right stream after 10th class and will help you choose a satisfying career path.

What stream should I choose Science, commerce or Arts? How do I make an informed career choice, so that my working years will be happy, productive, and successful? These are the questions that high school student ask—or should ask—themselves.

Unfortunately, many people do not seek answers to these questions until they have passed out of high school and college and are already out in the working world. Family and financial commitments at this stage of one’s life may make it more difficult to change careers. The best time to ask these necessary questions is before you attend college and before you embark on your first job.

Choosing Right Stream and College

The choices of a college and stream are the college-bound student’s most immediate concerns. There are several colleges in India, and they offer many courses of study, ranging from architecture and management to engineering, communications, psychology, and literature. Clearly, this multiplicity of choices can seem overwhelming even to well-informed students.

Also, as any parent with college-bound children knows, the cost of higher education has been rising dramatically. College costs are a substantial investment for a student and his or her family. Because of the variety and cost, it has become even more important to plan your education carefully. Some colleges have tens of thousands of students; others have just a few hundred.

 Where would you be happiest and most productive?

How Aptitude Testing Can Help

The more information you have, the better your decision will be. Guidance counsellors can help you appraise your interests, academic achievements, and personality characteristics. Your parents can give you the benefit of their experience. And you can also learn which professions will be most in demand at the time of your graduation.

But most important is knowing yourself—knowing your own strengths.

You will benefit more from your education when you have at least a general idea of your goals. Goals should be determined by evaluating a number of factors: What are your values? What are your interests? And perhaps most important: What are your aptitudes?

What Are Aptitudes?

Aptitudes are natural talents—special abilities for doing, or learning to do, certain kinds of things easily and quickly. They have little to do with knowledge or culture, or education, or even interests. They have to do with heredity. Musical talent and artistic talent are examples of such aptitudes.

Some people can paint beautifully but cannot carry a tune. Others are good at talking to people but slow at paperwork. Still others can easily repair a car but find writing difficult. These basic differences among people are important factors in making one person satisfied as a banker, another satisfied as a scientist, and still another satisfied working as a journalist.

Every occupation, whether it is teaching, medicine, law, or management, uses certain aptitudes. You are most likely to enjoy and find satisfying work which uses your aptitudes. For example, if you are an accountant but possesses aptitudes that are not used in that field, your work might seem unrewarding, and if you lack the accountant’s aptitudes, your work may be difficult. A person might develop the skills needed to be an accountant, but that doesn’t mean he or she has the aptitudes that would have made the work easy and rewarding.

Aptitude testing is an invaluable tool for making career and educational decisions.

Types of Aptitudes

Mechanical Aptitude: It is the inherent affinity to understand the function of machines and how to operate it. One would find easy to work with machines and different type of tools. For career in science and related career this is an important aptitude.

Numerical Aptitude: Certain people have inherent ability to understand and apply arithmetic. They have special interest for numbers and numerical complexities.

Abstract Aptitude: Inherent intelligence to think logically with proper reasons.

Linguist Aptitude: Inherent affinity and ability to learn and express in different language.

Spatial Aptitude: Ability to manipulate shapes in two dimensions or to visualize three-dimensional objects presented as two-dimensional pictures. Spatial aptitude is required in technical and design jobs, for example; architecture, engineering, surveying and design. It is also important in some branches of science where the ability to envisage the interactions of 3 dimensional components is essential.

Operational Aptitude: Ability to accomplish a task systematically.

Verbal Aptitude: It is an inherent ability with which a person can express logically both in writing as well as verbally.

Advantage of Aptitudes testing with EQ4C iPAS

  • EQ4C iPAS measures 7 to 15 major aptitudes depending on the student.
  • Aptitudes along with Interest, Personality and skills, in iPAS, is the best synergistic approach and increases the accuracy.
  • iPAS is standardized and it is tested on thousands of students
  • iPAS has capacity to map more than 350 careers
  • iPAS Cronbach’s alpha score is .83 which proves its reliability and consistency

EQ4C iPAS School/College in detail map aptitudes to establish inherent talent and recommend inclination towards specific stream/course/career. It is imperative to establish aptitudes early to nurture inherent talent and direct student towards their passionate area.

Of course, to use your aptitudes effectively, you must have knowledge. Aptitudes suggest the directions in which learning might best take place.

With extensive research, TEAM EQ4C has been able to isolate many aptitudes, and the various tests that you take at our platform are, for the most part, measures of these aptitudes.

The primary purpose of taking aptitude tests is to find areas in which you have ability. It has been our experience that people tend to be more satisfied and successful in occupations that challenge their aptitudes and do not demand aptitudes that they lack.

Our aptitude testing program assists you in discovering the course of study and the type of work that will fit your aptitude pattern; it will help you to understand why certain courses of study and occupations are likely to be more satisfying or rewarding than others.

For the students APTITUDE testing is extremely important with personality, interest and skills. Together they can point to right course selection and affinity towards best fit career.

Know yourself first for satisfying life take iPAS