iPAS for Class 1st to 6th

1-6nClass 1st to 6th are formative years and plays vital role in shaping the future of a child. It has observed that each child is born in this world with some inherent talent or we call it as aptitudes or multiple intelligence. This is evident when you observe them and find that someone is good in drawing or has natural flair for maths or good in interacting with others etc. These observations when documented scientifically can create an analytic to understand and nurture children differently in different domains.

This module of iPAS assess the child on aptitudes/inherent talent/multiple intelligence/language abilities to identify and nurture natural talents. Parents & Teachers can spot the talent and carve the bright future for the child.

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60 minutes one on one session with assessor, a probing session to know the multiple intelligence. Module cost is Rs. 800