iPAS for Corporate

Most successful executives are so busy at work that they hardly pay any attention to proactively manage their career. In the past, you left the responsibility of managing your career to your company, your HR Managers and your bosses. While they are still very useful in helping to manage your career, you need to take ownership for your own career. This process starts with assessing how well you career going. We have designed a unique iPAS Career health check to help you assess the health of your career.

The health of your career depends upon a number of factors. It depends upon the nature of your industry and the position of your company within your industry. It depends upon how are you positioned and perceived within your company. It also depends upon how transferable are your skills and experiences. We at MyiPAS consider all such factors and assess the health of your career and suggests broad strategies for managing your career.

iPAS Corporate Entry Level


Rs. 490/-

If you are a fresh graduate or post graduate entering corporate world is always challenging. We have designed specific test to assess your corporate skills and our corporate coach will facilitate you smooth entry into corporate world.

We Assess:

Corporate Skills Personality Attitude Behavior
Values Aspirations Employability Quotient Mapping

iPAS Corporate Onboarding

New hiring is always a challenge and needs smooth transition in Company culture. We have designed a unique first time in India module on smooth on-boarding of new recruit. This is powerful tool to reduce post recruitment attrition and bring fresh innovative approach to the recruitment process.

We assess:

Attitude Role Performance Confidence Goals
Team Work Values Leadership Time management Job Alignment


Rs. 790/-

iPAS Corporate Employee Engagement

Rs. 790/-

Productive employee in competitive corporate world is an asset for every organization and to retain such is a challenge. Our unique module of iPAS Corporate Employee Engagement clearly analyzes levels of engagement and critically pinpoints issues and recommends remedial measures enabling the optimum employee productivity.

We Assess:

Achievement Comfort Status Altruism Safety
Autonomy People Skills Task Skills Personal Skills Professionalism

iPAS Corporate Comprehensive

Any corporate executive at Junior/Mid/Top level should take this module to assess own competencies on varied corporate parameters. This will help them to re-draw future roadmap from expert assessment report and support from our highly experienced career coach.

We Assess:

Career Inclination Passion Talent Entrepreneurial traits Future Prospects
Leadership Decision Making Motivation Team Work Stress Management

Rs. 1690/-