iPAS Interest Inventory

EQ4C iPAS Interest Inventory, way to choose right things in life

Your interests can tell you more on who you are and what suits you. They provide information necessary for making the right career choice. Obviously, your interests indicate what you like and what occupations interest you. If the profession you choose connects with these interests, you will find a lot more pleasure in your work.

Interest tests help you define your interests and determine what you like most. This could help you when making a career choice.

How do interest tests work?

EQ4C iPAS interests test provide you with a list of two activities at a time. You then indicate which of these activities appeals to you the most. Based upon your choices, a result with your strongest interests is reported. Sometimes statements are given, for which you indicate whether they apply to you or not.

Abilities and personality

Your interests do not always match your abilities. You may love to paint even though you are not very good at it. Or it is your dream to write a book, but perhaps you are not a talented writer. The choice for a profession cannot be made based on interest alone. Your abilities and personality are important in making a career choice. That’s why you should also take an ability test and a personality test besides interest tests in the process of career choice. And obviously, a career choice test is also important and a great help.

Interest tests and choice of education

In the process of making a choice for a specific education, interest tests can come in handy as well. Studying, of course, is easier when you enjoy the subject. Furthermore, the educational course you choose largely determines the profession you will end up in. That’s why it is sensible not to base your choice only on the result of an interests test.

At EQ4C, we have designed for the purpose of measuring and evaluating the level of an individual’s interest in, or preference for, a variety of activities; also known as interest test.

When an individual takes and completes the interest assessment, the resulting data is reflected by scores in each of the six interest areas.

People who are unfamiliar with EQ4C iPAS are typically surprised at how accurately it identifies their own interests. Often it identifies fields of work that they had thought about but never really considered.

How It Helps

EQ4C Interest assessment is ideal for a wide range of applications, including the following:

  • Choosing a Stream/Course—helps students uncover their career interests and identify which areas of study are appropriate or required for a particular field
  • Career exploration—opens up the world of work to first-time career seekers and those considering career transition by identifying their interests and demonstrating how they relate to various occupations and careers
  • Career development—helps heighten individuals’ self-awareness and provide deeper understanding of individual strengths and blind spots, including work style and risk-taking orientation
  • Employee engagement—helps employees align their interests with areas of responsibility in their job that reflect those interests
  • Reintegration—helps individuals navigate the reintroduction process after a period of disconnection

iPAS Interest Inventory

Interests with EQ4C iPAS

  • EQ4C iPAS measures 6 interest areas and isolate the top two as top.
  • Interest tests along with Aptitudes, Personality and skills, in iPAS, is the best synergistic approach and increases the accuracy.
  • iPAS is standardized and it is tested on thousands of students
  • iPAS has capacity to map more than 350 careers
  • iPAS Cronbach’s alpha score is .83 which proves its reliability and consistency