iPAS Junior College

Research based assessment & counselling for 11th & 12th class students.

The ideal & the best scenario are to choose course & career based on your aptitude, interest, personality, skills and with the help of experienced counsellor. If you know what your real potential is and the career you will do well based that, you can choose the right course accordingly. You can take a iPAS and then make your decision based on that. We firmly believe that 11th & 12th are deciding years and once you undergo iPAS all your confusions will vanish enable you to take right decision after 12th class.

iPAS For Junior College
iPAS – Junior College Basic
Course Choice & Career Mapping
Comprehensive Report

iPAS Junior College Basic

iPAS Junior College Basic includes only assessment
& comprehensive report.

Module Code: IPAS008

Rs. 790/-

iPAS Junior College Comprehensive

Includes all the features of iPAS Junior College Basic with one online counselling session through skype/phone.

Module Code: IPAS009

Rs. 1390/-

iPAS Junior College Comprehensive - In Person

Includes all the features of iPAS Junior College Basic with one face to face counselling session at our office.

Module Code: IPAS010

Rs. 1590/-

The parent involvement and positive contribution can bring huge positive change in overall development of a child. For the first time ever in assessment we have designed a specific module for parents and encourage both mother and father or any one to take this unique test to help your child to achieve success. A special report is prepared by our assessor and discussed during counselling with parent.

We request PARENTS to go for it!!

iPAS Parent Engagement

iPAS Parent Engagement includes assessment
& comprehensive report.

Parent Engagement (To be taken by one or both parent) 

Module Code: IPAS007

Rs. 690/-

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