Why EQ4C iPAS Corporate

Why EQ4C iPAS Corporate

Why EQ4C iPAS Corporate


EQ4C iPAS Corporate is a standard way of measuring an aspect of overall performance. Practically this means that tests personal attributes like personality or temperament, careers or employment interests, values, attitudes and motivation.

EQ4C iPAS corporate tests are different:

  • Everyone is presented with the same questions and instructions for completing them.
  • Tests are also administered under carefully controlled and timed conditions by a trained individual, who additionally follows precise instructions for scoring and interpreting the results.
  • There is no room for subjectivity, and everyone is treated in exactly the same way.
  • The results a person achieves are compared with a representative sample of people (the normative group) who have completed the test before.
  • iPAS Corporate consistently measure the same thing, with no marked differences over time. The exception, of course, is where we use an attainment test and wish to measure what you have learnt over a period of time.
  • iPAS Corporate is a valid measure of what it’s supposed to measure and clearly establish that it’s an accurate predictor of how someone will perform in the future.
  • EQ4C iPAS measure an aspect of maximum or typical performance and does not discriminate in terms of race, culture, gender or any similar factor.

This allows a company HR professional to decide accurately how well a person has done compared to everyone else.

At EQ4C, we have created certain specific modules based on employee life cycle to help companies at all the stages.

Our corporate assessment modules:

  1. iPAS Corporate Entry Level: For entry level recruitments
  2. iPAS Corporate Onboarding: We have designed a unique first time in India module on smooth on-boarding of new recruit. This is powerful tool to reduce post recruitment attrition and bring fresh innovative approach to the recruitment process.
  3. iPAS Corporate Employee Engagement: Our unique module of iPAS Corporate Employee Engagement clearly analyzes levels of engagement and critically pinpoints issues and recommends remedial measures enabling the optimum employee productivity.
  4. iPAS Corporate Comprehensive: Company can ask any corporate executive at Junior/Mid/Top level should take this module to assess their competencies on varied corporate parameters. This will help them to re-draw future roadmap from expert assessment report and support from our highly experienced career coach.

 After completion of the test you receive comprehensive report of each individual and comments of expert.

Apart from our standard tests as mentioned above, we can tailor-made the assessment tests as per assessment need analysis (ANA) with you.

Human resource is the biggest assets for any company and managing it is challenging and the expertise of EQ4C will enable you achieve it with some ease. EQ4C is the only company doing assessment, counselling/coaching and training corporate from entry level to top management. We understand the employees at each level because we also train them. All our assessments are backed by solid foundation of our expertise in training.

Partner with us to empower your human resource, call: +91 8600406993 or mail us at ipas@eq4c.com